HPD Reports 2014-02-04

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In today’s episode:

HPD’s 2013 report card is in, and across the city, it shows decreases in almost all violent crime...

Sexual assault victims now have a new way to help HPD solve their cases...

And, HPD’s DWI arrests were down over the Christmas to New Year holidays.  And it may be in part because HPD has both stepped up enforcement and the penalties involved for driving drunk.


HPD Reports 2013-10-18

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In today’s episode:

Chief McClelland discusses his traffic accident, his punishment, and how the pedestrian he struck is doing...

Enforcement of Houston’s new Boarding Home Ordinance begins next month.  HPD’s Mental Health Division wants all such homes to register, not only for the residents’ safety, but to ensure the proper resources respond in the event of an emergency...

And, HPD’s Mounted Patrol holds its first ever graduation ceremony for one of its four-legged crime fighters… a deaf horse named Smash… a horse which has the sponsorship of some very special girls.


HPD Reports 2013-05-08

Welcome to HPD Reports.
In today’s episode:

Violent crime in Houston is down… and Police Chief Charles McClelland has a message to crooks who might be thinking differently...

HPD’s Northeast Division tries to keep guns out of the hands of children...

And, Ghosts and Phantoms on Houston’s highways? The department’s traffic enforcement efforts get a big boost from a big star.


HPD Reports 2013-01-31

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In today's episode:

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland holds a first-of-its-kind town hall meeting, in which he addresses a number of topics, including his attempts to ensure that HPD remains the top law enforcement agency in the country...

And, Chief McClelland outlines his position on mental health, substance abuse, and teachers carrying guns at school.


HPD Reports 2012-11-21

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In today’s episode:

HPD Chief Charles McClelland outlines a detailed plan to ensure the Department is the most professional law enforcement agency in the United States...

HPD Traffic Enforcement gets a million dollar boost from TXDOT, aiding their efforts to keep the streets of Houston safe...

HPD and community partners team up to provide food to 3500 families this holiday season. Find out how you can help.


HPD Reports 2012-10-16

Welcome to HPD reports.
In today’s episode:

Mayor Annise Parker addresses Human Trafficking and the role the Houston Police Department plays in stopping this crime.

Plus, HPD and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office use new technology in the fight against drunk driving.

HPD officers fan out across the city, meeting with residents as part of the department’s 28th annual March on Crime.


HPD Reports 2012-08-24

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In today’s episode:

On Monday, August 27th, most local kids return to school.  HPD has some important safety reminders for them, their parents, and motorists...

Labor Day weekend can mean picnics, parties, and unfortunately, drunk driving.  What the public can do to help HPD make the city’s streets safer...

And, how Houstonians can join HPD in remembering the heroes of 9/11, as well as the sacrifices made since.


HPD Reports 2012-06-19

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In today’s episode:

The Houston Police Department pays tribute to the 112 HPD officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty...

Schools out for the summer, and if your children will be home alone, there are some safety tips you need to share with them...

Plus, if you’re planning on taking a vacation - know how to keep the thieves from hitting your home while you’re gone...

And some compassionate Girl Scouts make a huge donation to HPD, to help other kids.


HPD Reports 2012-05-08

Welcome to HPD Reports.
In today’s episode:

Proving one person can make a difference, a single tip leads to the arrest of more than 160 suspected criminals and underscores the value of the Houston Police Department’s anti-gang website...

HPD and other local law enforcement agencies are asking the driving public to use extra care when traveling through work zones...

HPD and the Greater Houston Loss Prevention Alliance, together with Mayor Annise Parker, stress child safety this summer...

And, HPD announces a renewed partnership between the Department and Houston-area ministers.


HPD Reports 2012-04-06

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In this episode:

March may be over… but the lessons taught during the Department’s 28th Annual March on Crime continue all year long.

An undercover investigation takes three accused thieves off the streets.  They’ve all admitted to targeting high-end vehicles parked at Hobby Airport.

Plus, a select team of HPD officers join a number of local agencies to reach out to the city’s homeless.


HPD Reports 2012-02-23

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In this episode:

A number of big events in March prompts HPD to put even more officers on the streets, to catch drunk drivers...

Throughout the month of March, HPD officers will be going door-to-door, trying to educate Houstonians in what they can do to avoid become property crime victims...

And, Chief McClelland sheds some light on the low complaint rate for Houston Police officers.


HPD Reports 2012-01-25

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In this episode:

Houston ends 2011 with one of the lowest numbers of murders in the past 46 years...

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland lays out his goals for further reducing crime in the year 2012.

And, HPD officers team up with the Houston Fire Department to rescue children from a burning house.